St. Cyril : FAQ


Q: How do I join St. Cyril’s Parish? Do I have to live in a specific geographic area?

Q: How do I know if I’m currently an official member of the parish? I attend mass there on Sundays but don’t receive envelopes for contribution.  

Q: I was divorced years ago and have not remarried. May I receive communion when I attend mass?

Q: I live in the neighborhood but am not a member of the Parish; may I rent Axmacher Hall for a family event?

Q: I’m not a member of St. Cyril’s but frequently become aware of activities I would like to join. May I attend any social function associated with the parish? May I join any of the volunteer organizations?

Q: I would like to have St. Cyril’s be the recipient of memorials for a loved one who has died. How do I arrange that?

Q: I attend mass at St. Cyril’s regularly, but don’t know who or what the statuary and other decorative items represent. Is there a virtual tour of the church?

Q: I noticed that the Sunday and weekday masses are usually for the intention of an individual or family. How do I ask for a family member to be included? Can I reserve the date I want?

Q: I’m researching my family tree and believe my relatives were early members of the Parish. Are there archives from the church that I can search?

Q: I attended St. Cyril’s school and would like to have a class reunion. Is there a way that the rectory or current school could facilitate my organizing activities? May I use the website to announce our reunion project?

Q: Rather than use the envelopes sent to me monthly, I’d like to contribute online with my credit card or bank account. Is that possible? Can I purchase Giant Eagle certificates or tickets to a St. Cyril’s event that way?

Q: I don’t understand the Parish share program of the diocese. How is it different from my weekly contribution? How is the current Capital Campaign different from both of those?

Q: Is there a dress code for services in church?

Q: Is the church accessible to those with disabilities?

Q: If I have a suggestion for the Parish, where and how should I send it?

Q: Where do I find information about our new school, Northside Catholic?

Q: What are the processes in the Church for the Sacraments?